Everyone’s Talking About the Montessori Singapore Way of Learning

When most of us think about a classroom, we imagine desks to sit in, books to work out of, and a teacher giving lessons while expecting you to silently listen. It isn’t a fun thought or memory. Therefore, everyone is talking about the Montessori Singapore way of learning. It takes the boring out of a classroom experience for preschoolers, while maintaining the structure. Parents love it, kids enjoy it, and everyone benefits from it.

Why Parents Love Montessori?

Parents like the Montessori experience because they see the positive changes in their children right from the start. They see their preschooler excited about going to school. They see their children learning skills that will help them thrive in school when they start kindergarten.

With Montessori learning techniques, kids will learn not just the core lessons like math, language, and science, but skills that they can bring into the real world, outside the classroom. They can have a working knowledge of how math, language, and science play a part in the world that they are a part of, like how plants grow, how shopping prices affect us, and more.

The Preschooler’s Experience

The kids that come to us have various skill levels. Some are good at numbers and letters or have other skills. Whatever they are good at, we will build off it and strengthen it. Beyond that, we will do our part to encourage growth in other ways to give them confidence in all areas of their studies.

It isn’t done through books and telling them to wait to answer a question until they are called on. It’s done through socializing and playing games. There is structure to the learning process, but it’s not so structured that they feel forced to learn.

Rules Are Meant to Be Broken

At Montessori Singapore, we feel that, although effective, the typical classroom experience isn’t enough. We must teach kids early on that learning can be exciting and fun. They should see that through learning, they can achieve more than they can imagine. By doing this, we open up the doorway for their teachers when they get into elementary school and beyond. It is a process that works.

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